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Pressure Washing

Driveways, Decking and Patios

Having a driveway at the front of your building whether it be commercial or domestic is such an investment into your property as it is the first thing that people see and when it comes to selling your property it can make a huge difference in their first impression. Similarly with decking and patios it’s nice to ensure your property is kept well maintained and pleasant to look at for yourself and friends/family.

Having your driveways, decking or patios restored is a more a complex job that you may presume to be. A lot of the time without the right training and knowledge on the job means that any works could end up being a disaster.

At humidity we know that many things are required of us on a job in order to keep you the client happy for example preventing drainage blocking, erosion of the driveway, decking or patio, contamination of your neighbouring properties and incorrect and or unnecessary use of chemicals which can create result in pollution. All these factors need to be taken into consideration when asking for a quote.

As explained above all of these factors play a part into how long the job will take to be done and also the best method of restoration. This is why Humidity’s team of technicians will provide quotes to our clients once a scope of works has been carried out which of course is free.

Our method of restoration is as found below and as we carry out these we will keep you updated as to how the process is going.

Pressure Washing and Cleaning Processes

Depending on what surface we are required to restore depends on what methods, chemicals, and equipment however the standard practice of the pressure washer remains the same. Compiled with the right techniques and codes of practise our technicians have this provides visible results in a minimal mess environment.

Stage 1: This stage is where we prepare the surface for the initial wash which requires of us to move any debris, wheelie bins and anything in the way which could get damaged in the process. We would then sweep and remove the drain grates to ensure your drains are clear so water can run off.
Stage 2: This stage is the initial high pressure wash using our industrial pressure washing machine. This removes dirt build up, moss and algae, weeds and most stains which have occurred over time.
Stage 3: The resulting build-up of water will then be extracted from the surfaces via the use of drains which will be checked again to ensure a clear maintained flow.
Stage 4: once we have cleaned and taken off the majority of weeds and stains etc. we can proceed to by the use of the correct chemicals, remove stubborn oil stains for example which may have not been visible from the start to ensure an overall brighter and fresher feel.

These chemicals will be disposed of correctly and using the right drainage methods if applicable washing them away leaving your driveway, decking and patios looking good as new!

Graffiti and Chewing Gum Removal

At humidity response we offer a full graffiti removal service with specialist technicians using the correct amount of chemicals which are safe and effective. We believe it’s always best to remove graffiti before more is added (where there is one piece of graffiti more will follow so it’s best to clean as soon as possible)

Using one of the best graffiti removal products and a pressure of up to 4000 psi (pounds of pressure per square inch) we can 100% remove it. We use several different products depending on the surface that is required to be cleaned.

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