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Hygiene Cleaning

We at Humidity Response have years’ of experience in helping caterers clean kitchens to standards required by local authority, fast food restaurants and many other catering establishments throughout the UK.

Now with the use of steam power we are able to hygienically clean and sterilise almost any piece of equipment while being environmentally friendly and eliminating the use of any detergents.

All surfaces that come into contact with food can influence the general level of bacteria in the kitchen. These should be sanitised as well as cleaned at regular intervals. This removes the chance of growth of the dangerous types of bacteria.

Rapid Hygiene Tests ATP

A rapid hygiene test provides a quick and sensitive test that can detect if cleaning is not to the expected standard and that it is safe to use in the production and food preparation environment.

The bioluminescence test for adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) has been developed to meet these needs. It is relevant to the measurement of the effectiveness of cleaning as it measures ATP not only from micro-organisms but also from product residues.

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