Humidity Response uses the latest most up to date equipment to ensure that the job is done to the highest of standards. Using this equipment we can detect all of the excess moisture within a building when carrying out our moisture survey, allowing us to map out the affected areas on our moisture maps.

We give you the options

Our survey allows the property owner to try to eliminate the source themselves to keep the costs down, rather than paying a specialist to carry out the works unless necessary.

As every single building is different, Humidity Response has specialist staff that have been trained by (BDMA) British Damage Management Association giving our customer the confidence that there need known our staff can improvise and formulate a plan for any situation.


Our thermographic survey will obviously detect all visible water on a surface, but what it will also do is detect water that is invisible to the naked eye. As well as this, it can also locate trapped moisture, cold bridging, air leaks and the onset of rising damp. It works due to the fact that every single object emits energy, which the thermographic camera will pick up and interpret. When it detects even the smallest amount of water, it will log this in its system, ready to be printed out later on.

An alternative way in which we can carry out a moisture survey is through the use of the Protimeter MMS or the Tramex SE, both of which are completely non-invasive. These are highly technical pieces of equipment and combine the technologies of a thermo-hygrometer and pin and non-invasive methods to create truly accurate results.

Building Science

Most chronic problems related to moisture in buildings are best analysed through the use of building science, which looks at the way that buildings were constructed and works out what has gone wrong in order for them to have ended up in their current state.

Over time, the way that the moisture and air travel around a building change and this can have a negative effect on the building’s ability to cope with these elements. This can lead to damage caused by:

  • Condensation on windows dripping onto the floor beneath
  • Air leakage causing condensation to build up inside walls
  • Damage caused to both the internal and external areas of the building due to rain leaking through the walls

Emergency Contact

Our Flood and Water Damage Repair Specialists are based in Kent, South East of the UK and work across Southern UK from Kent to London to Surrey, Sussex and Essex.

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Most of the work we do on your behalf will be covered by your insurer.
To support your claim we document the whole process to enable your claim
to be met by your insurer.
We produce a written quotation and document what we do from start to finish.
This includes photographs at the start, during the work and on completion.
When dealing with flood related issues moisture surveys are carried out during
the whole process so your insurer can monitor how quickly the property is
being dried or in some cases like listed properties not to quick.
The ultimate aim of any drying project is to issue the Certification of Dryness,
we offer the full range of structural drying, compliant with IICRC S500 standards.
Certification of Dryness for Building Insurance.
Our team work very closely
with the British Damage Management Association and are Accredited
Corporate Members of the BDMA
Many of the Insurance Loss Adjusters also hold certification from the BDMA
which has the huge advantage of all parties involved in a claim are
working to the same guidelines.

• 24/7 call out
• We have over 50 years combined experience
• Fully trained staff
• Insurance claim experts

We deploy the latest humidity technology combined with innovative
equipment to get your property back to normality as possible.
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