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Our team of Mould Removal and Damp Repair Specialists restore homes, properties and possessions that have been damaged by mould, damp, rising damp, penetrating damp and leaks in roofs, windows and doors.

Damp and Mould Removal Services

Humidity Response Mould and Damp Removal Specialists have had years of experience in dealing with all types of mould damage, including:

  • Bathroom mould and cupboard mould
  • Mould on walls and mould in carpets
  • Black and toxic mould

From major incidents such as multiple properties damaged by black & toxic mould to minor outbreaks in bathrooms and cupboards, we operate professional mould removal services, bio-hazard recovery, and damage management for both commercial and domestic properties.

All of our specialist technicians are trained in mould remediation services, bio-hazard recovery and damage management incidents. Call us on 0800 5999 009 to talk direct to one of our Specialists.


Aspergillosis is a condition caused by aspergillus mould. There are several different types of aspergillosis. Most affect the lungs and cause breathing difficulties.

How you get aspergillosis

Aspergillosis is usually caused by inhaling tiny bits of mould.

You cannot catch aspergillosis from someone else or from animals.

Most people who breathe in the mould do not get ill.

Aspergillosis is rare in healthy people

You’re usually only at risk of aspergillosis if you have:

  • A lung condition – such as asthma, cystic fibrosis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • A weakened immune system – for example, if you have had an organ transplant or are having chemotherapy
  • Had tuberculosis (TB) in the past

This why we at Humidity Response in this current situation (COVID 19) are treating mould in the home with some urgency.

Drying out the damp and repairing damaged possessions and fittings

Depending on the severity of the damp, we may install dehumidifiers and air movers to start the drying program. Where possible, we always aim to repair possessions and fittings that have been damaged by the damp. If the damage is too extreme (e.g. corroded nails, screws and iron fittings, rotting timber and structures) we replace with new fittings.

Causes and preventions of damp

There are many sources of damp, including:

  • Rising damp
  • Penetrating damp
  • Condensation
  • Leaks in roof, windows and doors
  • Faulty guttering and drainage

Once our Damp Repair Specialists have identified the source of damp in your property, it is possible to take measures to ensure it does not return.
For example:

  • Your roof gutters, down pipes & drains should be clear, with no obstructions, leaks or overflows.
  • Ground levels should be well below the damp-proof course (DPC).
  • All air vents should be free from obstruction.
  • All external brickwork, pointing and rendering should be watertight

Our Mould and Damp Repair Specialists are based in Kent, South East of the UK and work across Southern UK from Kent to London to Surrey, Sussex and Essex.

Mould ScopeS Surveys

Send pictures to

We will assess and provide
a brief report on the cause
and what can be done

Costs starting from £99.00+vat
for initial report costs will be deducted from any works
carried out.



£495 +vat


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Most of the work we do on your behalf will be covered by your insurer.
To support your claim we document the whole process to enable your claim
to be met by your insurer.
We produce a written quotation and document what we do from start to finish.
This includes photographs at the start, during the work and on completion.
When dealing with flood related issues moisture surveys are carried out during
the whole process so your insurer can monitor how quickly the property is
being dried or in some cases like listed properties not to quick.
The ultimate aim of any drying project is to issue the Certification of Dryness,
we offer the full range of structural drying, compliant with IICRC S500 standards.
Certification of Dryness for Building Insurance.
Our team work very closely
with the British Damage Management Association and are Accredited
Corporate Members of the BDMA
Many of the Insurance Loss Adjusters also hold certification from the BDMA
which has the huge advantage of all parties involved in a claim are
working to the same guidelines.

• 24/7 call out
• We have over 50 years combined experience
• Fully trained staff
• Insurance claim experts

We deploy the latest humidity technology combined with innovative
equipment to get your property back to normality as possible.
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